Boldness, creativity, sustainability

Discover the world of our designer jewellery house, where our values guide each of our creations.

Boldness and creativity are at the heart of our approach. Each piece we design is the fruit of limitless exploration, where imagination blends with technique to create unique, offbeat jewellery. We believe in the beauty of originality and the power of personal expression through our creations, which are made entirely in France, in our Parisian workshop.

At Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier, our commitment to quality is an absolute priority. We are proud to offer long-lasting jewellery, designed to last and to follow our customers over the years. All our jewellery comes with a three-year guarantee, and we will repair or replace it free of charge. Older jewellery can also be repaired and refurbished, subject to an estimate.

Proximity to our customers is an essential value for us. Our workshop, located in the heart of Paris, supports our customers every step of the way, whether it's for advice, an adjustment or to meet a specific need. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, because we believe that every person deserves a unique, made-to-measure experience.

Welcome to the world of our brand, where quality,boldness, creativity and proximity are more than just a promise: these fundamental values are engraved in every one of our creations.

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Ruban rose symbole de la lutte contre le cancer du sein posé sur une main


Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier supports «Octobre Rose», which helps women fighting against breast cancer.

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