Credit card payments

The payments made with a credit card are made via the secured system Shopify payement which uses the TLS protocol (Transport Layer Security). This protocol that replaced the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer),is ensuring that the data transmitted is encrypted by a software and that no third party can get access to that data. DELPHINE-CHARLOTTE PARMENTIER does not have access to that data.

The Client expressly acknowledges that communicating his/her credit card number to Shopify payement amounts to a permission to debit his/her bank account with the amount of the products ordered.

The data registered and kept by the website is proof of the order and the past transactions. The data registered by Shopify paiement is proof of the financial transactions.

The editor of website is not responsible for the website Shopify payement. Therefore, he cannot be held responsible by the Client for any misuse of Shopify payement or any dysfunction.

Paypal payments

With PayPal, you will no longer have to reveal your card numbers or your bank details while shopping online. All you need to do is enter your email address and password to confirm your payments. If you forget your login details, you can retrieve them using your secret questions. Pay online with your PayPal email and password.

Paypal keeps your bank details in a secure place and does not disclose them to any seller. Each payment is secured by a high-level encryption system. Opening an account is free and no fees will be charged for all your purchases made through PayPal.

As the publisher of the site is not responsible for the site, it could in no way be held responsible by the Customer for the consequences of improper use of on his part, nor for the inaccessibility of these sites should the event arise.

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