Pour la Saint-Valentin, le bijou libre et non-genré à l’honneur

For Valentine's Day, free and gender neutral jewellery is in the spotlight

This Valentine's Day, we celebrate free-spirited jewelry that transcends established gender boundaries and speaks to both men and women. A vision at the heart of our universe, which has guided all our creations since the launch of our company: with pieces designed above all to dress characters, reveal personalities, affirm styles - whatever the gender.

Masculine and feminine in the world of jewelry

For a long time associated with women's fashions, men's jewelry has been gaining in popularity for several years now. More than just a trend that's likely to pass in a few seasons' time, it's a revolution that's shaking up the codes of costume jewelry, redrawing notions of gender in the world of jewelry. However, we forget that the history of men's jewelry is anything but recent: rings, gems, amulets, cuffs, signet rings, pearls and earrings have all been worn for millennia by men from all walks of life, from Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperors to pirate forbars and buccaneers, from the men of the Age of Enlightenment to the heroes of Romanticism.


Throughout the ages, jewelry has been created by both men and women. The return of men's jewelry to the scene in our contemporary societies, after a long period of neglect, opens up a new space for creation and emancipation - for those who design fashion, as well as for those who wear it. At Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier, our men's and women's collections draw inspiration from each other, borrowing movements and materials from each other, and share certain codes that the collective imagination would traditionally associate with the feminine or masculine.

For Valentine's Day, discover the best sellers in our Men's and Women's collections:  

  • For her :

Necklace “Nénuphar” here

Bracelet 1 rhinestones “Alma” here

Ring 2 rhinestones “Tamalane” here

Earrings “Tamalane” here




  • For him :


Ring Chain “Starlight” here

"Aurore” earrings here

Necklace “Nebula” here






Mixed jewelry: when style goes beyond gender

Beyond men's and women's collections, mixed jewelry is the ultimate erasure of gender stereotypes in costume jewelry. Also known as unisex, gender-neutral or genderless jewelry, it targets all audiences, featuring a unique design conceived to fit both feminine and masculine morphologies: wrist, neck, finger and more. By giving everyone the opportunity to express their personality in complete freedom, without feeling trapped in any gendered box, it demonstrates that we are first and foremost individuals, before being men or women as society sees it.

A symbol of inclusivity, unisex jewelry embraces the notion of self-expression, allowing each and every person to become who he or she wishes to be. At Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier, our unisex jewels adopt minimalist, sober codes - or, on the contrary, assert themselves as pieces of powerful character and marked style.


For Valentine's Day, discover our selection of mixed jewelry :


  • "Mars" ring :

For him here

For her here






  • "Hortensia" necklace

For her here





  • Curb necklace "Vénus"

For him or her here


  • Arrow bracelet "Olympe"

For him here

For her here








  • Ear jewel "Serpent" N°26 

For her here








Couples' jewelry: a link between two people ?

When two partners choose to wear the same ring, pendant or earring, it becomes "couple jewelry". Its symbolism takes on a whole new meaning: in addition to self-expression, shared jewelry now also embodies the bond and complicity between two people, embodying both their past history - and the one they're about to write together.

While retaining their individuality and personality, the two partners become linked by a connection that is at once discreet, intense and profound - like a well-kept secret to which they alone hold the key. An ideal gift for Valentine's Day?

For Valentine's Day, discover some of our couple jewels :

  • Handcuff bracelet "Noé"

Bracelet Menotte Noe

For him here

For her here




  • Necklace and bracelet set "Mercure"

Collier trois chaînes Mercure


Necklace: For him here / For her there
Bracelet: For him here / For her there





  • Signet ring "Wakanda"

For him here

For her here




  • Double ring or interlaced ring "Aurore"

Bague double Aurore


Double ring : For him here / For her there

Ring with interlaced rings : For him here / For her there


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