“Week-end à Giverny”, collection insufflée par les jardins de Monet

"Weekend in Giverny", a collection inspired by Monet's gardens

Like the season itself, Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier's spring-summer collection is a tribute to colour, light and the world of plants. It draws its inspiration from an enchanting environment: Giverny, the famous garden that was the model for some of Impressionist artist Claude Monet's most beautiful paintings.

Giverny, a timeless place

A long stone house, hidden under a wisteria canopy, with only the occasional glimpse of pink rendering on the walls, tall windows with green shutters and a neatly lined slate roof. Inside, each room takes us into a colourful world : from the small, intimate blue lounge-boudoir, to the spectacular, bright yellow dining room, via Monet's salon-atelier with its wood furniture and walls covered in his works. From room to room and shade to shade, it's like wandering through the pigments of the artist's colour palette.
Monet spent more than 40 years of his life in this farmhouse in the Eure, on the banks of the Seine - and certainly just as much in its gardens, which he painted from every angle. A lover of plants, he never ceased to develop his exteriors into a unique poetic space, an Eden dotted with flowers of a thousand hues growing in total freedom, an ode to life and creation. The environment is also aquatic, with a pool filled with reeds and water lilies, and a stream ideal for paddling, spanned by a Japanese bridge with green wooden railings.

A new collection with floral notes

Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier's new spring-summer collection has its roots in this world. First conceived during a walk through these lush, colourful gardens, she was inspired by both the general atmosphere of the place and, more specifically, by some of its protagonists: Rose, Water Lily, Hydrangea, Dahlia and Glycine. Five flowers with character, five individuals who were Monet's muses in his time, and sources of inspiration for Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier in ours.

“Rose”, free & delicate

Collection Rose Bague   Collection Rose Bracelet   Collection Rose Collier

The Rose series is available in two colour variations, gold with yellow and pink tones or silver with shades of blue and green. Its composition is reminiscent of the bars of the wooden bridge crossing the gardens, while the two colour ranges evoke the tones of the flowers and reflections of the trees in the ponds.



“Nénuphar”, aquatic and flourishing

Collection Nénuphar Collier  Collection Nénuphar Bague  Collection Nénuphar Bracelet

The "Nénuphar" series is available in two colours: gold and peach pink, or silver and blue. Clear and airy, it symbolises the lightness of this abundant and poetic plant, floating on the surface of the water.



"Hortensia", impressive and elegant

Collection Hortensia Boucle d'oreille  Collection Hortensia Bracelet  Collection Hortensia Bague

The "Hortensia" series is available in three colours : gold, silver and ruthenium. Featuring massive pieces, it evokes the powerful character of this charismatic flower - while combining grace, distinction and elegance.



"Dahlia", round and exotic

Collection Dahlia Bracelet  Collection Dahlia Collier Homme  Collection Dahlia Boucle d'oreille

The Dahlia series is available in two colours, gold and yellow or silver and khaki green. The key word is the circle, echoing this mysterious, bewitching plant with its rounded shape, reminiscent of the warm regions from which it originates. The Dahlia collection also includes pieces for men.



"Glycine" fine and romantic

Collection Glycine Collier  Collection Glycine Bague  Collection Glycine Bracelet

The Glycine series is available in single colours, gold and multicolours. The accent is on length, with endless, slender dangling chains, or generous, overflowing plastron and tie necklaces that suggest the flowering of this climbing plant.


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