"Voyage nordique", collection inspirée par les paysages Scandinaves

"Nordic Journey", a collection inspired by Scandinavian landscapes

After autumn, with its round of leaves in tawny and bronze tones, winter is approaching, with its procession of frosted flowers, northern lights and glittering ice. For her new autumn-winter jewellery collection, the Far North has inspired Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier, our in-house designer, to take you on a Scandinavian journey.

Scandinavia: the call of the Great North

Deep fir forests into which light barely penetrates, late flowers, and then lakes with frost-blue waters. The glint of the sun on the ice and the fall leaves falling in a slow curve.

Autumn is coming, in the northern countries, and heralds a crisp winter like the gods of Scandinavian mythology.
The fjords, the sharp-edged mountains and suddenly, at the very edge of the polar circle, the northern lights pushing out their green, white and blue waves before the golden dawn comes to free the night. We are in the land of the Lapps, the god Odin and the singer Björk.
Do you hear the snow crunching underfoot?

A Nordic journey for the fall-winter collection

Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier's new fall-winter collection is resolutely focused on the powerful beauty of Scandinavia.

Traveling in the Far North, our stylist in search of the Northern Lights encounters frosty berries on his way, flowers of a rare and dazzling white like winter edelweiss, autumn leaves sparkling under the rays of the sun, finally, majestic luminous formations which light up within him reminiscences of rhinestone waves. Continuing his journey in this deep country, he imagines Odin, father of all things, god of magic and poetry, shaping on his immense forge these winter and autumn jewels that he himself created.

“Skadi” : berries frosted with gold and silver

Available in two colors gold and silver, the “Skadi” collection adorns the body with pink and pearly beads. The jewelry is reminiscent of the berries that emerge from the bushes when the snow has covered almost everything.



“Fenrir” : winter edelweiss

The “Fenrir” series is available in two colors gold and silver. It recalls the edelweiss, this rare white flower also called snow star or silver star, which blooms in the mountains, at high altitude.

Fenrir Long Curls Collection Fenrir Bracelet Collection Fenrir Collection Edelweiss Necklace



“Loki” : autumn leaves under the caress of the sun

Available in two colors gold and silver, the “Loki” series evokes autumn leaves with golden reflections. Its geometric and flexible shapes are reminiscent of tree branches and a floral universe.

Loki Collection Rhinestone Pendant Loki Collection Rhinestone Pattern Bracelet Loki Collection Rhinestone Dangle Earrings



“Snotra”: rhinestone waves

The “Snotra” series is available in two colors gold and ruthenium. The jewels in this series are waves of rhinestones that recall the vast luminous formations of winters in the North, when the sun bites the frost.
Snotra Collection Half-Knot Stud Earrings Snotra Knot Cuff Collection Snotra Collection Rhinestone Ring



“Odin” : the forge of the god

The “Odin” series is available in silver color combined with leather or black crystals. It is from the forge of the all-powerful Scandinavian god that these masculine jewels reminiscent of the coats of mail and shields of Viking warriors come.



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