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Men's jewellery trends: Our style tips

Discover the latest jewellery trends for men and find the perfect piece to reflect your personality. Whether you prefer an original or more classic style, you'll find a piece of jewellery to suit every occasion and taste. Don't underestimate the impact of a well-chosen accessory. Assert your style and be inspired by trendy pieces that speak for you.

Men's jewellery throughout history  

Men's jewellery trends have undergone a significant evolution from talismans in ancient civilizations to sophisticated fashion accessories today. 

The first jewellery dates back more than 100,000 years, then made with animal teeth and other natural materials. Each era had its own styles reflecting the trendy men's jewellery of its time and marking the social status of those who owned it. In ancient times, men's jewellery was symbols of protection, while in the Middle Ages it reflected chivalry and religious faith. The Renaissance and Victorian era saw the emergence of opulent pieces, while the 20th century favored simplicity and minimalism. 

Today, the strong comeback of men's jewellery can be explained by the influence of hip-hop stars. Luxury brands are even collaborating with these artists to create specific collections , reinforcing this trend. The sharing of cultures has a considerable impact on fashion, particularly on jewellery. Designers draw inspiration from various styles, which explains the wide variety of men's jewellery available today, thereby redefining men's fashion . These must-have accessories allow everyone to create unique and personal looks. 

Since its creation, Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier has distinguished itself by offering a varied and original range of jewellery specially designed for men. From rings to bracelets , ear jewellery and even brooches , to dress up a particular event as much as their daily life.

How to choose the right jewellery for your style? 

Signet rings and rings, symbolic masculine jewelry  

The signet ring has always been a symbol of status, power and belonging, a piece of jewellery passed down from generation to generation. Traditionally used to affix the seal of the family coat of arms to official documents, it embodies a rich and prestigious history. At Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier we are inspired by this powerful symbolism and the affirmation of style that these rings allow. Convinced that signet rings are trendy jewellery for men , we reinterpret them each season with plays on textures and surfaces , as evidenced by our original DROP piece . By borrowing their assertive symbolism, we break the codes and redefine this timeless classic .

Silver-plated Drop man signet ring in textured metal, with water drop design

Our men's rings offer a range of creations in varied styles and designs to suit every personality and occasion. We dare to use them in a multitude of materials and shapes for greater uniqueness. Opt for a classic and elegant style with the Frehley geometric men's ring , or a bold and rebellious look with the Mars men's ring .  

Frehley men's ring with geometric shapes, in rutheniumMars men's ring in old silver hammered metal

Brooches, elegant jewellery 

The brooch is undoubtedly one of the oldest jewels in the history of jewellery. Over time, it evolved to become an object of adornment and prestige. This piece has its origins in the fibula , used in the Greco-Roman era to hold men's togas in place. Over the centuries, this staple evolved into the brooch we know today. 

Today, Delphine-Charlotte Parmentier brooches are available in a varied range of styles , ranging from the most classic to the most daring, decorated with rhinestones or elaborate patterns . 

Whether on a jacket, a shirt or even a T-shirt, our brooches embody the perfect accessory for those looking for a distinctive and elegant style, adding a touch of sophistication to their outfit.

Rectangular men's brooch with bluish rhinestones

The bangle bracelet, the jewellery safe man  

The timeless elegance of our creations goes perfectly with men's outfits , whether casual or formal. Whether you choose a minimalist design like the Eclipse men's bangle or a more elaborate model with the silver Drop bangle bracelet , these fashionable jewels reflect the personality and aesthetic tastes of the wearer. 

Plus, unlike other types of pieces that may require constant adjustment, our bangles are often one size which makes them quicker to put on to accessorize an outfit. 

For the more fashionable among you, they can be accumulated on your wrist to symbolize the different stages of your life.

2 silver-plated bangles, Drop in textured metal and Eclipse in faceted metal, set on a magazine

How to integrate men's jewellery in a trendy way? 

Merge Jewellery Styles

You can mix classic pieces like the Aurore men's ring with more modern pieces like the Miles ring , or minimalist jewellery like the fine Olympe bracelet with more original pieces like the Odin braided leather and chain bracelet. 

By experimenting with materials, styles and textures, create unexpected jewellery combinations that are uniquely yours. 

2 men's bracelets, one in braided leather and chain, the other in thin chain with an arrow, set on a photo of two men laughing.2 silver-plated men's rings, Aurore composed of 2 crossed rings, and Miles with openwork oval motifs

Dare to use rhinestones in men's jewellery 

One of the key trends for an elegant and non-conformist look is to vary textures and materials . Dare to experiment with less conventional materials. Rhinestones , often associated with feminine jewellery, can add a touch of subtle sparkle to your men's outfits. 

Choose rhinestones in more neutral colors like gray or black for a sophisticated and masculine look. The selection of trendy men's jewellery from the Odin collection is perfectly suited to this style.

Silver Odin men's ring with black rhinestones set on a bookOdin men's chain necklace, large metal links and black rhinestone design set on a landscape paintingBlack rhinestone Odin men's ear ring set on a book

The trend is for massive jewellery 

To add a touch of character to your outfit, statement men's jewellery has become a major trend in the world of men's fashion . Combined with a casual outfit or a more formal ensemble, a thick chain bracelet like the Nebula curb bracelet in silver metal brings a touch of luxury and daring. 

Massive jewellery for men is increasingly mixing materials to create unique and interesting pieces . The Dahlia collection offers creations combining metal and cotton thread , offering a modern and versatile aesthetic. 

Nebula men's bracelet in thick ruthenium chain set on a page of a men's magazineMen's Dahlia ring combining silver-plated metal and dark green cotton cord

Express your style with jewellery 

For a rebel/rock look 

Ear jewellery for men has become a trendy accessory of choice for those who want to adopt a rebellious and rock look. Opt for an original metal earcuff such as the textured Drop earring . 

Complete the look with a strong piece of the same theme like the double Drop ring . You can pair your jewelry with other elements of your outfit that reflect your style, like leather jackets or boots. 

Drop ear ring in textured silver metal, water drop motif, set between two pages of a bookDrop double man ring, textured silver-plated metal, water drop pattern, set on a black and white photo

For a classic and elegant look 

For a chic and elegant look , choose simple and timeless jewellery that never goes out of style. Our permanent “The Eternals” collection perfectly embodies this aesthetic, bringing elegance and class to your outfit, whatever the occasion. Choose thin metal bracelets like the Noe handcuff bracelet . Chain rings with clean, minimalist designs like the Venus curb ring are perfect for completing a dressy outfit. 

Noe men's handcuff bracelet, rigid silver, set on a black and white pictureVenus men's ring, in streaked silver-plated metal, set on a black and white photo

For a casual urban look 

For a casual urban look that stands out, dare to layer jewelry. Wear several necklaces of different lengths for a dynamic and casual look . The Odin chain choker and the rhinestone pendant necklace from the same range are versatile accessories that can add a touch of character to your look. Feel free to mix and match pieces according to your mood and aesthetic of the day. 

Odin men's silver chain necklace set on a book paintingOdin men's necklace with black rhinestone pendant, set on a landscape painting




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